December 16th, 2014

Names on the wedding invitation as hosts

Invitation Wording When Only Bride’s Parents Fund Wedding

If the parents of the bride are funding the wedding, is it correct NOT to list the groom’s parents on the invitation?


The invitation for the traditional wedding hosted by the bride’s parents does not list the groom’s parents. Since the groom’s family is not expected to contribute to the expense of the wedding and reception, it is just the bride’s parents, as hosts, who do the inviting. Of course, if the groom’s parents were contributing to the financing of the wedding, then their names would be listed as well, right after the bride’s parents’ names.

Today, the sentiment around invitations has shifted to express the joining of two families rather than focus on the traditional “whoever pays, hosts.” Therefore, it is not uncommon to see the bride’s and groom’s parents all listed as hosts, even when expenses are not shared and the groom’s parents are honorary hosts. Another way to express this is to have the bride and groom listed as hosts, and not list the parents’ names:

Together with their families

Jane Ann Adams


Michael Louis Streeter….

So, while you have options in the way you word the wedding invitation, it is perfectly correct to list only the bride’s parents as hosts when they are funding the wedding.

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