October 30th, 2014

To sparkle or not to sparkle

Why Wedding Sparklers?

What Do You Think?

Wedding Sparkler Send Off

Photo: The Wedding Sparkler Store, “Wedding Sparkler Bundles”.

A fun trend that is easily turning into a new wedding tradition is having wedding sparklers at your wedding to send you off in style. Wedding sparklers are great because they are fun, add magic to your wedding, and are an easy way to put that exclamation point on the end of your night. They are also easy to mix with any wedding theme or style. Long-stemmed sparklers are great for elegant weddings, heart-shaped sparklers are perfect for summer love and sweetheart weddings, and the traditional sparkler will fit in anywhere!

The Tradition of the Send Off

For send offs we have seen rice, bubbles, streamers, and now sparklers. The send off, at the end of the  reception, is a way for all your guests to wish you best and say goodbye. It is the last hurrah.  Often it is made silly, but it is also a very sweet moment, particularly for the parents. Usually, you will stay behind in the venue, or go off to change, and your guests will gather outside and line the the way to your limo or car. As receptions have a trend of running into the night, sparklers are a great alternative to things like rice as they stand out and really make it special.

Troublesome Venues

As you plan your send off, you may encounter some difficulties with your wedding venue. Many won’t allow anything that requires additional clean up or could cause damages. So, if you were thinking confetti, streamers, rice, or anything thrown, you may want yo think again. Sparklers are great because they are not going to be tossed and left on the ground. Though, you may have some venues concerned about the fact that they do actually burn. A way to handle this is to come in with a game plan and a specific way of handling the sparklers, then a venue may be willing to bend the rules. Whatever you do, be respectful. While it is your special day and you should have all the things you have dreamed of, it is their property and they don’t have to let you marry or celebrate there.

So, Why Use Sparklers?

To put it simply: 1) Sparklers are more exciting and emphasize that happy wedding day glow. 2) They work great for night time receptions and go with just about any style.  3) They are easy to clean up.

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A Grand Debate: Cake Topper Versus No Cake Topper

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The choice to not have a cake topper hurts the heart of Wedding Collectibles as that is our expertise and passion, BUT we understand that there are different aesthetic tastes for types of cake topper, there will be those that prefer to not have one at all. Let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of having a wedding cake topper.

wedding cake toppers

Cons to Having a Cake Topper

  • Can limit the style of your cake
  • Cost of cake topper
  • Stress of finding a cake topper you like.

Pros to Having a Cake Topper

  • Adds style quickly to your cake.
  • Can be personal to you.
  • Long lasting (i.e. will not “die”)
  • Becomes a keepsake from your wedding day.
  • Is a traditional symbol of unity
  • Cuter than flowers
  • Can be a spark of personality in a sea of white and tradition.

Other things to consider:

If you are using fresh flowers instead of a traditional cake topper you may find yourself spending just as much money or more on something that will wilt and die later on. With that, you also have to be very careful about when the flowers are purchases and when they are attached to your cake. Flowers can be beautiful and may even be a better option for some wedding styles and themes, but they are not necessarily a better option.

Also, your cake topper is a great way to incorporate the something old, new, borrowed and blue tradition as you can easily use a family members cake topper or find one that features the blue color.

Cake toppers may not be for everyone, but they are at least worth looking at!

A Merging 2014 Wedding Trend – Unplugged Weddings

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Unplugged Wedding

Off Beat Bride – The Unplugged Wedding by ARIEL MEADOW STALLINGS – Photo by Nora & Troy at

As far as wedding trends go, there are two that are highly influenced by social media and technology. In 2013, there was the surge of #hashtagweddings with cute signs inviting guests to take and link wedding photos with their smart phone.  It makes sense in terms of being sure to have all of your wedding photos saved to the same place, but now in 2014 there is a new trend taking the stage: unplugged weddings.

An unplugged wedding is a wedding where the bride and groom kindly request that guests refrain from using their phones or camera’s during the wedding. The ideology behind this is that they want everyone to be completely present and to experience their wedding first hand – not through a camera screen.

#hashtagwedding versus unplugged: The ideas behind each of these weddings go head to head with an essential issue that is debated on more than one platform, asking are we too dependent on technology? Do we believe, as Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky’s dystopia claims, that the virtual is “better than real”? Or is the real, the moment, irreplaceable by the photographs and video’s we capture? As we dive into social media realizing the benefits it brings, it is important to recognize the cons and perhaps that it does not belong at the moment of your “I do’s”. With a wedding photographer, you and your wedding guest should not worry about capturing your special day on camera -let the photographer worry about that. Enjoy the moment.

How to have an unplugged wedding

  1. Create a cute sign (better than a hashtag) asking your guests to please turn off their phones. This is a simple way to push toward having an unplugged wedding. Guests will typically be willing to follow your wedding whims because they came to see your wedding, not Instagram it. It is just easy to end up on Instagram with your phone at your fingertips. However, just like when you go to see a movie, your guests can survive a couple hours with their phone turned off                                                                                                                                                                                                                     OR
  2. Have a phone check in (like a coat check). It will be important to create an effective system for keeping track of whose phone is whose, but this is a fun way to insure that your guests won’t be Snap chatting or updating their Facebook status as you are tearing up in your vows.

There really won’t be too much to creating an unplugged wedding. It is just a matter of deciding if it is important to you or not. After all, it is your wedding day.

Kori and Erik at the Powerhouse in Washington, DC

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Kori and Erik were married at the Powerhouse, a hip new wedding venue in Washington, DC’s Georgetown neighborhood. The space is literally a converted power house– it even has a smokestack. The interior is industrial-chic, and outside the venue is right on the C&O canal — great for portrait shoots!


Summer Wardrobe, Winter Wardrobe! What’s in your Wedding Stationery Wardrobe?

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What’s in your wedding stationery wardrobe?

Is that a gasp I hear from the bride, mother-of-the-bride and groom? Yes, everyone of the prime players in your wedding, including the father-of-the-bride, should be aware of the important role stationery plays in every wedding. Here are the basics that must be addressed, sorry about the pun, by the bride and her loved ones:

The Wedding Invitation

“The wedding invitation sets the tone for the wedding!”

Does your invitation’s design, wording, style mirror your signature style? Does it reflect what kind of event it will be?

No, you do not need to give away your color scheme, theme; however, if you are planning a traditional ceremony in a church, then that casual, destination by-the-sea look that you have always adored needs to be the theme of your first summer event as a married couple, not the invitation,

The wedding  invitation typically includes: an invitation, the reply set with the replay card and envelope; a reception card, unless your ceremony and wedding ceremony are at the same place.

Other wedding enclosure cards include:

Direction Map

A direction/map  card is convenient if the venue is off-the-beaten track or difficult to find even for an Map Quest savvy guest. Put the directions on one side and the map on the other.

Transportation card

Although you posted the information on your WeddingWire bridal site, it is a very nice reminder to your guests, not only the wedding party, that transportation will be provided.  The wording, centered on the “reception side card” reads: “Transportation will be provided from the ceremony to the reception.”

 Admissions card

Celebrities, rock stars, and other luminaries as well as those of us who desire a more secure wedding with no unintended guests, then an admissions card is for you. The wording:

Please present this card at

St. Patrick’s Cathedral,

Saturday, the twenty-second of June

Pew Card

For your honored guests who you want to seat in a special section of the church, then the Pew Card is your ticket! The wording,

Please present this card at

St. Patrick’s Cathedral,

Saturday, the twenty-second of June.

Pew number_____

Within the Ribbon Card

This was a mainstay in mid-century weddings to designate that there will be a “within the ribbon” section of the church for the close members of the family. At the church, white or creme ribbons are draped on the center aisle pews, to tell all guests these seats are reserved for the immediate family.

Within the Ribbon Card

Brides Reserved Section (Write name(s) in black ink)

Groom’s Reserved Section (Write name(s) in black ink)


Bride’s Personal Wedding Stationery 

Thank you, thank you! The bride has a duty to write a thank you note for every give, gesture of love that is given to her! No exceptions. So, she needs pre-wedding notes with her maiden name; and after-the-ceremony bridal notes with her married name. Note here, if you are not married in a civil or church ceremony you cannot use you married name or initials! This means on the wedding invitation, program or bridal notes!

I would suggest a fold over note. The most popular, i.e.. expected by the majority of your guests, has the initials, monogram of the bride (married name here). I might nudge you toward an engraved note. Why? It makes a big impression, tells a lot  about you and practically, you can, later, use your monogram die in a color ink.

I see blind embossed monograms (no ink used) as the premier note. Recently, I had a bride who had her initials designed by a nationally-renowned calligrapher, Christopher Watkins. See the sample above in a bronze. What she chose was even more awesome: the calligraphy was blind embossed!

If you prefer a more low key note, then flat print or use thermography, with your name or initials in black.

Mother-of-the-Bride, Father-of-the-Bride and Groom Thank You Notes

You bet, each one of these key players have thank you notes to write to friends, family, clergy as well as those who were gracious enough to give to their time and talent to your wedding day. Your Mother needs a fold over note; the gentlemen, a correspondence note with their full name at the top.


How to Interpret Vendor Reviews

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With most business interacting online and selling their products online, it gives the consumer the opportunity to share their experiences more easily.  In fact, shoppers will most often find a forum specifically designed for consumer reviews and if not, then they may be able to respond on the companies Facebook or other business profiles. As a soon-to-be, you are going to want to have the best quality and the best service, so you will most likely be searching through the various comments on vendor websites and profiles to see what passed customers think. This is great, but let’s be honest, sometimes it is very hard to judge how accurate the reviews are, especially when they seem to contradicting. Take a gander at these tips on how to judge accuracy and interpret the reality behind the review.

  1. Take a Step Back: This goes for both negative and positive reviews, and what we mean by this is to read reviews critically and don’t just soak up what someone says online as the absolute truth. Reviews online are very easy to do and can be done without any sort of filter. This means that yes, reviewers can speak their mind, but also that there is not any accountability or filter.
  2. If there is a star system and a comment box, look at both: An easy mistake when there is a star system available is to use that as your only gauge, but I cannot even count how many times a comment contradicts how many stars are given. This will happen when there is an auto or default setting, so if a reviewer forgets to set a star level, they may be leaving a positive review with no stars or a negative review with five stars.
  3. Read the Positive and the Negative:  This is important when buying just about anything. If you only read the pros, you may miss some cons that may make or break the purchase for you.
  4. What is not important to one person, may be important to you. For example, if your mother is a die hard cheesy sci fi fan and she gives a review to a movie saying the fight scenes were epic and the evil monsters look so real, you may want to be wary that the main actress will scream just a few seconds too late and that the zombies make up is smeared half way through the film.
  5. Does this reviewer have a name? This goes along with the first tip. If the reviewer is anonymous, it may be that they just forgot to or didn’t see the point in filling out who they were, but it could also mean the person wanted to say something nasty without being caught OR that the business owner wants to fluff their reviews. Both happen, but not always.
  6. Keep in Mind the Client. Who do wedding vendors sell to? Stressed out brides or people feeling the effects of being so closely related to stressed out brides.  With this, there may be some overreaction and perhaps a few dramatic claims that the customer service was completely awful. So keep in mind, that the customer service could be perfectly adequate, but was unable to provide the bride with the exact shade of purple that she was looking for.

Registries For Older Couples? Of Course!

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Couples of all ages are tying the knot and using cash gift registries as a way to kick-start their lives together.  For many, this means help with a lot of firsts: first home, first car or first baby. As an older couple, you may have already gone through many of these events, but there are still tons of ways in which you and your loved ones can celebrate your new life together. Read on for a few tips:

1. Register For Experiences

These never get boring regardless of how many you’ve had, and the options are endless! Why not register for an unforgettable honeymoon to Hawaii, as Hope and Roger did? Or sign up for tennis and dance lessons? Each wonderful experience you have as a couple adds to a lifetime of priceless memories.

2. Register for Home Improvement

Even if you already have a home, that doesn’t mean that there’s no opportunity to make some much wanted adjustments. Some couples may want to replace time-worn kitchen equipment with the newest versions, or add a few rooms to their home. Steve and Mel used their wedding registry as a way to fix up their future home in France. Cool stuff, huh?

3. Register to Bring in the Family

A wedding isn’t just a union of two people; it’s a union of two families. This holds especially true for older couples with children of their own. So why not use a registry to make merging into one big happy family as seamless as possible? One idea may be a trip to Disney World with all of your loved ones, both new and old. Another may be to add a swimming pool or play room for all of the kids to congregate in. Take a look at Abdi and Laura’s registry for some ideas.

4. Register For Charity

As you get older, material things may not seem nearly as important. Experiences with loved ones may take precedence but so can giving back to a cause that you’ve always cared about. Having family and friends donate to a charity or organization of choice can add that much more meaning to the start of this new chapter in your life.  Check out Rayna and Eli’s contributions toward American Jewish World Service as an example.


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